The Myth of the Middle Classes….

An interesting blog by the devils kitchen  recently regarding the divide and rule method used by our present govt… About the ONLY thing that is efficient about govt is the way it can so efficiently deflect all negativity onto something or someone else… They do this with such erudite precision that it is almost seemingly magical… However, if the only thing that keeps govt’s in power is the use of myth, then myths ye shall receive…

Govts understand only too well the myths and prejudices people hold and they use them as cunningly as they can to avoid any culpability… As long as people have enemies other than govt itself, they are hands free to throw their weight about as they please… perhaps the most hardest hit of all are the middle classes.. They are the largest taxpayers by far, for who receive the least handouts or tax breaks… They are indeed the more likely to be fined for speeding or parking illegally… Are  more likely to pay fines in general for fear of losing their jobs… They work the longest hours… Their partners have to work and pay for child care in full… And they are the least likely to complain…

The socialist has always considered the middle classes as the parasites that enjoy far too much of the good life. Govts have continually hit them the hardest as they are such a soft target for whom complaints are rare… they are good little slaves that take their slapping with a sense of dignity unseen in any other groups throughout society…

The irony is that many of the middle classes these days have been so indoctrinated by state education that they themselves believe they are undeserving and should indeed pay their tax graciously… People like Tony Robins a filthy state whore that demands us to give even more as a means to ridding ourselves from selfishness only compound this stupidity… Of course pricks like him have no need to rely on the states capriciousness… He can afford to send his children to private school and avoid his income being halved by the state… But that’s another blog of course…

The middle class are the most productive by a whole, but they are truly shat upon at a great height, even made to feel guilty about their few indulgences.. I look forward to the day the middle class rise up and say NO MORE!!..

If only?…


~ by xelentthoughts on August 10, 2008.

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